Tait first to offer digital Band III in the UK

Digital Band III in UK

Tait DMR is the first choice for digital Band III frequencies in the UK

In today’s world of congested spectrum, there are plenty of Band III (175-225MHz) frequencies available in the UK, suitable for campus and wide area applications, including major urban areas nationwide. Until now, your only choice for operation in these frequencies has been analogue.

Now, Tait can help you upgrade your Band III analogue system to DMR, with the first digital Band III offering on the market. Based on our tried and tested 9300 series portables, mobile and DMR infrastructure you can have the advantages of digital radio with the confidence of products that have been going strong for years.

Whether you’ve been waiting to migrate your Band III analogue system to digital, or you are looking for new spectrum to solve your congestion woes, you need to talk to Tait today.

Read our FAQ on Digital Band III.  Get in touch with your nearest Tait office here.

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