Public safety agencies across North America choose Tait’s P25 Simulcast solutions – here’s why:

  • 40% increase in cross-county coverage + digital encryption to foil drug gangs’ scanners
  • Narrowband compliant and digital ready + 50% cross-county coverage increase
  • Multi-agency secure solution with 90%+ coverage and 100% redudnancy
  • Dead spots deleted and communities safer in a shared solution for the City and State Continue Reading

Our goal as a company is to support our clients with world-class products, services and solutions to help keep communities safe.

One of the other ways we can do this is through our corporate citizenship initiative: a great way for us to ‘give back’ to our communities.

Last month, a group of Tait employees volunteered at the Houston Food Bank (HFB); the largest food bank in the United States. Continue Reading

We’ve heard from many Public Safety agencies that they’re pleased there are other P25 options to choose from once they get out of the proprietary web some vendors weave.

Genuine open standards are non-proprietary, so they’re not under the control of one vendor. An increasing choice of certified vendors brings down prices, improves technical quality and avoids the risk of being locked into a sole supplier, which can compromise your interoperability. Continue Reading

Q. What are the benefits of moving to a P25 digital radio solution?
Digital radio provides key benefits such as:

  • Improved audio quality and clarity – especially at low received signal levels near the edge of coverage
  • Enhanced user features
  • More capacity – from the same number of frequencies (spectral efficiency)
  • Greater coverage – than analog, with a sharp drop at full range
  • Secure end-to-end encryption – compared to analog scrambling/encryption techniques, digital encryption has no degradation in voice quality.

P25 is a standard specified by public safety users... Continue Reading

Tait MPT 1327 system meets utility’s needs.

Photos courtesy: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Faced with frequency squeeze, a federal agency deadline and communications kit from the 80s, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) formed a co-operative with four other Virginia state rural utilities to find an end-to-end solution for their narrow banding issues.

The answer: a Tait 220 MHz MPT 1327 radio system with IP backhaul.

REC now serves about 157,000 members with more than 16,000 miles of line in more than 22 counties and, in the aftermath of winter snow storm ‘Saturn’, managed over 40,000 radio calls during six days.

Read more to find out how. Continue Reading

The sun was shining down on the San Francisco bay with 15 knot winds, perfect conditions for the Louis Vuitton (LV) Cup Finals racing against Prada Luna Rossa.

As an official supplier of Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ), keen yachting fans from the Tait team gathered eagerly at the ETNZ base for an exciting day on the water, supporting the team from a spectator boat. Here’s a first-hand account of the exciting race that we witnessed. Continue Reading

Electric utility reliability performance has hit the news recently due to weather and other natural disaster events. We thought it useful to compare the performance of different regions around the world, although we note these graphs exclude outages caused by major events. Europe has consistently improved across most nations, and Australia has had very variable performance. The USA has not seen much change over the 10-year period to 2010. Continue Reading

Heading along to Anaheim next week? We’ll be at booth #345.

We’re gearing up for what promises to be a fantastic conference and expo, and we have a jam-packed schedule of new innovations to show attendees:
Tait APPStorm
What do you get when you bring together a number of partners, Tait design engineers, a wealth of good ideas and APCO 2013?

You get Tait APPStorm — a two-day collaboration event between Tait Communications, partners and clients to explore solutions for emergency responders.

Together, APPStorm-ers will be developing... Continue Reading

By Darek Wieczorek, Principal Consultant, Tait Communications.

Delegates at the third P25 Best Practices Roundtable hosted by Tait Communications

The third and final P25 Best Practices Roundtable took place at Lake Tahoe, California, on July 25th. We narrowed our focus to shed light on those issues that hadn’t yet been explored fully in the previous two sessions. Much of the time was spent discussing system management issues, and — given that the cumulative experience in the room exceeded 250 years and included some very recent efforts — we learned some valuable points: Continue Reading

Sheriff’s Guide to Grant Funding: 2013 Edition

Competition for grant dollars in the United States has been steadily increasing for several years, and we expect that trend to continue as the federal budget tightens and fewer allocations are made available to support state and local initiatives.

With the recent federal budget cuts and shifting funding priorities, now is a great time to learn about the current grant-funding landscape and take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

If you’re interested in how you could obtain funding, then... Continue Reading