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We are happy to announce the launch of our P25 Best Practice website complete with the first four P25 Best Practice guides:

  1. First steps to your P25 system
  2. Specifying your P25 system
  3. Procuring your P25 system
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Over the last few weeks, we have covered P25 radio communications in great detail, including An Introduction to P25, The P25 Standard and Compliance and Benefits of P25. As a recap and to tie everything in together, over the next few weeks we’ll present a glossary of all the P25 radio-related terms that you need to know.
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is an encryption algorithm that uses keys of 256 bits.

Algorithm ID
The Algorithm ID is an identifier that specifies an encryption algorithm (for example, DES or AES). Continue Reading

P25 allows dispatch to have more control over defining talkgroups, prioritizing messages and integrating data.

P25 enjoys an almost unique capability in its ability to operate as a conventional, trunked, or simulcast system. As public safety agencies have already discovered, it is fairly straightforward from an engineering point of view to convert a P25 conventional network to trunking, while retaining the investment in the original network. Simulcast operation can be added to all or part of an existing trunked or conventional P25 system. Each mode of operation has its own strengths and tradeoffs which can be summarized as follows. Continue Reading

Public safety agencies across North America choose Tait’s P25 Simulcast solutions – here’s why:

  • 40% increase in cross-county coverage + digital encryption to foil drug gangs’ scanners
  • Narrowband compliant and digital ready + 50% cross-county coverage increase
  • Multi-agency secure solution with 90%+ coverage and 100% redudnancy
  • Dead spots deleted and communities safer in a shared solution for the City and State Continue Reading

Tait MPT 1327 system meets utility’s needs.

Photos courtesy: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Faced with frequency squeeze, a federal agency deadline and communications kit from the 80s, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) formed a co-operative with four other Virginia state rural utilities to find an end-to-end solution for their narrow banding issues.

The answer: a Tait 220 MHz MPT 1327 radio system with IP backhaul.

REC now serves about 157,000 members with more than 16,000 miles of line in more than 22 counties and, in the aftermath of winter snow storm ‘Saturn’, managed over 40,000 radio calls during six days.

Read more to find out how. Continue Reading

By Darek Wieczorek, Principal Consultant, Tait Communications.
Here’s something you may not know: for smaller Public Safety organizations, there may be very little practical gain between inexpensive P25 conventional systems and high-end trunked ones.
While trunking undoubtedly has its advantages for large networks with many subscribers, unless your system is very busy, rapidly expanding or supports a large number of users, there may be very little functional difference between a trunked and conventional system for smaller systems.

Smaller... Continue Reading

Here’s something you might not know (and your current vendor might not be telling you): There is very little practical gain between inexpensive, conventional P25 systems and high-end trunked ones for smaller public safety organisations.

A common belief is that P25 is an exclusive, high-end trunked system that commands equally high-end prices for both systems and subscriber equipment. This often forces smaller agencies to stick with their conventional analog systems or, even worse, upgrade to proprietary commercial-level digital technologies. All this... Continue Reading

We’ll be showcasing some of our latest and most interesting innovations, technology and solutions in the critical communications and utilities space during two upcoming industry events:

  • UTC Telecom
  • Critical Communications World

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UTC Telecom 2013
Date: May 15–17, 2013
Location: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas, USA
Tait booth: #125

We’ll be at UTC Telecom in Houston this week. Come see us at booth #125 to talk to our experts. Get your... Continue Reading

“The electric utility of the future will be an even more highly connected and efficient enterprise. Information will flow dynamically to and from mobile workers and remote assets to a centralized decision-making system, and this will allow management to optimize all aspects of resource allocation. This shift will lead to improvements in grid performance, as well as greater workforce safety; and the realization of that future rests on the radio platform choices that utilities make today.”

— Geoff Peck, Technology and Solution Architect, Tait... Continue Reading

When choosing a new radio technology, the decision making process needs to incorporate multiple considerations; spectral efficiency, coverage theory, encryption, even interoperability.  There is a lot to think about.

One major consideration before you select the technology platform and migration program that will deliver the results you need, is to choose either a conventional or trunked system. Both options have distinct benefits but making the right choice can be difficult.

Trunking is a system option for larger networks and essentially makes it possible to... Continue Reading