Today is our 100th blog post and to celebrate we decided to do something crazier than normal with our Tait TP9400 P25 radio.

There is a tank, built in 1952, and later used in the Vietnam War that has survived the test of time and today resides a mere 15 minute drive from Tait HQ.

When we heard about this 52 ton tank, we realized it was our destiny to film the next Tait Tough video with this incredibly tough machine. We grabbed our TP9400 and camera equipment and hit the road. Continue Reading

It’s not every day you see flames leaping up outside your office window. Particularly when your office is on the second floor. You’d like to think you’d hear the fire alarm first.

Within moments we’d all run towards the fire and even through the windows we could feel the heat.

What we saw – to our relief – was that the fire was in control. It was fire extinguisher training!

Never ones to miss an opportunity, we also saw another chance to put one of our TP9400 P25 radios through a Tait Tough test. Continue Reading

A few months ago we posted a series of Tait Tough videos. We had a great time launching the TP9400 with a catapult, hitting it with a bowling ball, running it over with a jeep, and more. We were consistently surprised by how durable the radios turned out to be, so we knew we needed to push the limits even more.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Our first new Tait Tough video is called the Water Cannon Test. We asked the good people at the Christchurch Airport Fire Service if we could run a few experiments with their equipment. They kindly agreed, and so we put the radio through several high pressure water tests. Continue Reading

Can a Tait portable survive being shaken, rattled and rolled over rough asphalt?
By Evan Forester, Tait Tough Tester.

A radio is one of the most important everyday tools that first responders and public safety personnel use. If it falls off a vehicle, gets dropped by someone, or even gets kicked across the ground, it needs to stay functional and reliable.

Since we had already repeatedly dropped the TP9400 six feet from 26 different angles, dragging the radio across some gritty, abrasive asphalt seemed like a nice way to step things up. This would demonstrate the radio’s ability... Continue Reading

Can a Tait portable survive a six-minute car wash?

An essential requirement of any public-safety-grade portable radio, especially for fire and emergency response teams, is that the radio should work — even in wet conditions. While military standards require the radio to work after being immersed in water to a depth of 3.28 feet (one meter) for 30 minutes, Tait tests it at double that depth, and ensures it remains water-tight and functions perfectly. The bottom line? Tait radios exceed military-grade durability.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve put the Tait TP9400 radio... Continue Reading

Built for public safety

Because of its compact size, there are some folks out there who question whether the Tait TP9400 portable radio is, in fact, public safety-grade.

Fortunately, no one told the innovators at Tait that portable radios had to be bulky to be sturdy. So, even though the TP9400 is our smallest portable radio, it’s no toy. It’s one tough piece of mission-critical equipment. After all, this is a radio that’s been specifically designed and engineered to exceed public safety’s changing needs.

We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few weeks conducting... Continue Reading

Can a Tait portable survive a 24mph (40km/h) bowling-ball smash?

It started out rather innocently. We were thinking about fun ways to test the TP9400 — throwing a ton of rubber bouncy balls at it, aiming a tennis ball shooter at it, taping it to a rugby ball, and so on. However, we weren’t satisfied with just fun. We yearned for a challenge. We needed a tougher test, a really tough test — to see if we couldn’t destroy the radio in the process.

We wanted a challenge. We wanted suspense. We wanted impact. We wanted to smash it!

So, naturally, we came up with 10-pin... Continue Reading

Can a Tait radio survive a 100-yard catapult launch?
By Evan Forester, Tait Tough Tester

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, a city with very hot summers. One of our favorite ways to escape the heat was to have a water balloon fight. Every once in a while, some kids would show up with a three-person catapult that could launch balloons the length of an entire field, making them instant legends of summer.

I’m not sure why, but when we started to create the Tait Tough videos, my mind naturally returned to those three-person catapults. A part of me wanted to see how far we could make a Tait portable fly. More importantly, I wanted to see if it could survive the test. Continue Reading

Can a Tait portable survive a heavyweight boxing bout?

We all know technology can be frustrating sometimes. You accidentally turn things off or press the wrong button or it just doesn’t do what you want it to.

While we don’t think you’ll ever get so frustrated by our TP9400 portable radio that you’ll want to punch it (because it’s been designed with a high level of intuitive usability) we reckoned that matching it up to a heavyweight boxer would be a great “real life” way to test just how tough it is.

TP9400 vs. boxer: who wins? Continue Reading

Can a Tait portable survive a 2.2-ton Jeep?

Tait radios have a long history of being tough.

We recently released the new TP9400, a P25 portable radio built to withstand the toughest challenges public safety responders face. In fact, it’s the most robust radio we’ve ever made.

So, once the new portables had been through a grueling testing regime – both in-house and at an internationally recognized testing facility (to show how the TP9400 stacks up against Military Standards) we wanted to help answer the questions that really matter to people: