Different jobs require different audio accessories to work optimally. At Tait, we build accessories that enhance the usability and functionality of your radio to make communications more effective and keep workers safe. We’re happy to introduce a pair of new rugged Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM). These new RSMs meet the needs of a wide range of professional users by providing reliable and high quality audio performance in challenging environments.

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Different jobs and environments require different levels of portable radio ruggedness. Users that work in an office don’t need a rugged or military grade radio, but police, fire, emergency services, utility workers, miners, and oil riggers face challenging conditions every day, making communications equipment that can take a beating a necessity.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that in order to stop the spread of disease, we need to rethink hygiene best practices. Besides personal and workplace hygiene, the current crisis has also highlighted and reinforced the importance of handheld device hygiene.

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We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a new product, the Rugged External Speaker. Part of the Tait Accessories range, the Rugged External Speaker is a Tait Tough, water-shedding external cabin speaker that delivers high-quality, voice-optimized audio that is is louder and clearer than similar products of the same wattage when connected to a Tait TM9000 series mobile radio

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Your audio experience is vital to quality, reliable, critical communications.  Hear that call for help the first time for improved worker safety, and to keep voice channels clear.  Respond with confidence, knowing your voice will be heard in the loudest of environments.

The latest Tait portable radios feature best-in-class audio that’s loud and clear.  All Tait radios are built to exceed international standards with excellent sensitivity, range, and crystal clear voice functionality.  Here are 9 ways to tailor and optimize your audio... Continue Reading

Tait Communications works with many taxpayer funded organizations, and we consistently hear from these clients about their need to use funding wisely.  Tait solutions are designed with taxpayer value in mind, and in this post we’ll explore how your community is best served by solutions from Tait.
1. Greater Value for Money
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From Florida, USA, to Hohenfels, Germany, Tait Tough solutions have once proven that they can stand up to the challenge of rugged environments. Read on to learn about how installing a new Tait P25 network and upgrading from analog to Tait trunked DMR has benefited the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC) and the US Army Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC).

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To provide a simple introduction to the Tait DMR family of products, we’ve produced a series of five videos each exploring the top benefits of various aspects of the solution. Today, we take a look at the Top 5 Benefits of the Tait TP9300 portable radio:

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In dangerous working environments, safety is not only a priority — it’s a requirement. When sending workers into hazardous areas, excellent communications are key to ensuring they remain safe. But the right communications can do more than just improve worker safety; they can also vastly increase efficiency, leading to greater return on investment for your organization.

Below are the challenges that workers in hazardous areas face and the recommended solutions that you may consider for your organization:

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By now you’re familiar with our Tait Tough video series, where we put Tait radios through the most punishing tests we can devise to demonstrate their ruggedness and dependability. But there are plenty of real-world examples too, as shown in our recent Tait Tough reseller and partner competition.

Over the past five months we asked our partners around the globe to send in their experiences and stories about Tait Toughness and selected a few finalists and one winner from a number of quality entries:
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