The new UnifyVoice smartphone app from Tait Communications connects users who do not have radios to the Mission Critical network.

For instance, many back-office administrative users or off-duty officers aren’t always on the front line, and therefore they don’t have radios all the time. This means they can’t always hear what’s happening on the street, or communicate with dispatch and groups of users when necessary.

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Geoff Peck | Tait Communications

Chief Technical Architect Geoff Peck compares the performance of cellular and LMR for mission-critical comms, and concludes it’s not as simple as it seems.

There is ongoing debate on the topic of cellular versus LMR. Indeed, nothing seems better designed to polarize opinion. This article looks at the issue from where it matters: the end user.
The first thing you notice about the debate is the misinformation – it’s not easy to nail things down simply.
So let’s start with some important points of comparison.
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