You’ve heard about the benefits that Unified Critical Communications can offer you and your organization, but how exactly does this work? Continuing on with Lesson Four of the Introduction to Unified Critical Communications course, we delve into what features make up a platform of Unified Critical Communications.

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Vendors have been talking up OTAP for more than a decade.

They promised time and money savings, with less driving, less disruption, and more control over devices. OTAP would dramatically reduce the resource required to operate a network. Large radio fleets would be upgraded simply, quickly and seamlessly, without having to recall vehicles and users to base.

In this article, we discuss why this hasn’t always happened, and where OTAP development is currently.
What OTAP brings to Radio Fleet Management
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For many radio managers, fleet management can be a stressful mess of spreadsheets and manual updates. In our latest podcast, Software Product Manager, Dan Manton, talks EnableFleet with Evan Forester. Dan has spent years working with EnableFleet, and has some fascinating insights about the operation of the software today, and where it will go in the future. Throughout their discussion, Dan analyses the following aspects of the EnableFleet software:

  • Why Tait developed EnableFleet
  • How EnableFleet solves the problems associated with managing a radio fleet
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