It’s been a tough time for the oil and gas industry as volatile markets, rising costs, declining productivity and a shrinking skilled workforce take their toll on business. The concept of a Digital Oil Field promises a way out, but how can this be achieved? In this latest lesson from the Tait Radio Academy, we discuss the benefits of Unified Critical Communications for the Oil and Gas industry. Continue Reading

To maintain production and worker safety, industries in hazardous environments depend on reliable, organization-wide communications. This is why EP Petroecuador, Ecuador’s national oil and gas company, chose to migrate to a Tait DMR digital radio system to cover its crucial pipelines.

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EP Petroecuador is the national oil and gas company of Ecuador, specializing in the refinement, storage, transport and sales of oil and gas derivatives both domestically and internationally. Oil and gas form a significant part of the Ecuadorian economy, with state projects supported by revenues from the industry. EP Petroecuador’s activities cover the entire Ecuadorian territory and combines teams from operations, security, and administration. 

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Resource companies, along with other industries, are actively looking into advanced wireless communications and how they can make business safer and more efficient. With a vast variety of options including digital radio, data services, and automation, the companies question the future effect on mine sites and oil rigs. So how can organizations ensure they’re prepared to meet these demands?

The following article from the latest issue of Connection magazine talks about the future of wireless communication.  Omnitronics Ltd, a global Tait Technology Partner, has been talking to... Continue Reading

A new white paper is now available from Tait Communications that continues our exploration of the Digital Oilfield (also referred to as Smart Field, Intelligent Oil Field, or i-Field).

As crude oil prices plummet to new lows, there is a special urgency for oil companies to make changes that will drive down costs and improve productivity. Despite the cost cutting, 2015 surveys report that most oil executives intend to maintain or even increase spending on digital technologies over the next three to five years.

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Right now, it would be hard to imagine an industry where is there more at stake than in the oil and gas industry. Right now, these organizations are challenged with meeting increasing global demands in a volatile market, greater regulation, geopolitical influences and scarcity of expertise.

Even in the weeks while we were developing this white paper, oil prices took a dramatic dive, and at the time of publishing, were hovering around half of what they had been during the four years previous.

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Tait has commissioned a new radio system for VICO Indonesia’s oil-exploration operations on the coast of Borneo.

The network will have more than 600 Tait MPT portable radios used by on-site engineers, production workers and supervisors at VICO’s oil pipeline.

Rizal Purwanto – ICT Manager at VICO Indonesia, said that while the original system provided by Tait was still going strong, investment in a more modern network was a vital step to prevent any risks further down the line.

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Trevor Textor, President of Text Corp, argues that treating communications as a utility will translate to better business efficiency and big savings.

Selecting telecommunications solely based on price is often a lost opportunity for businesses. Setting up telecommunications like Land Mobile Radio (LMR) as a utility may be more expensive initially, but the difference can be measured in more than just cash – it is measured in potential and investment.

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