Optimization is uncommon in Public Safety communications systems, which are often fine-tuned at the time of initial implementation and then left alone for their entire useful lives.

This section includes some suggestions for continuous improvement of the network.
Functional performance
Functional performance should be monitored, verified and improved as often as practical.

  • Keep a formal log of users’ complaints. This will shed light on emerging issues such as changes in coverage performance due to urban construction or forest growth.
  • Analyze traffic reports to... Continue Reading
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Even among the largest state-wide systems, network monitoring practices vary from strict, structured 24/7 internal operations to a reactive approach – responding only to complaints from system users. Why are relatively few Public Safety systems proactively monitored? Back in the days of software-free radio systems, not much could go wrong.

As long as there was power at the sites, power amplifiers did not burn, and antennas were not damaged by lightning, your system was probably in good shape. Should anything go wrong, your subscribers would quickly tell you that their channel was not working. Continue Reading