Whether you are protecting your critical communications from natural disaster, human error or terrorism, deciding on the level of backup you need is a balancing act between your perceived risk and how much you can afford to spend.

How many levels of backup do you need? What industry or legislative regulations are in place? What options will give you the most resilience for your investment? Richard Winter, a Senior Systems Engineer at Tait, considers some of the ways your network design can eliminate single points of failure and increase the resilience of your network. Continue Reading

A commonly-accepted view about Smart Grid is that it requires a single, high-capacity network to support two-way communications with smart devices and applications. But can a single technology provide this? Tait Principal Consultant, Dr. Jan Noordhof, argues that the answer is ‘No’.

Let’s consider the jam that utilities around the world find themselves in. Demand for electricity is increasing faster than they can supply it. At the same time there is political and consumer pressure to cut the cost of power.

However, a great deal of utilities’... Continue Reading