We’ve talked about the dangers of getting locked into the wrong P25 solution before. And yet, we still hear about people getting tangled in the proprietary web some vendors weave.

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A high-powered delegation from Chile has visited our headquarters in Christchurch on a fact-finding mission to learn how Tait’s innovative communications systems can help the country in the event of a natural disaster or emergency such as the devastating 2010 Chilean earthquake.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) hosted senior representatives from the Oficina Nacional de Emergencias del Ministerio del Interior (ONEMI), the Chilean Cabinet and the Los Lagos Emergency and Civil Protection who were in New Zealand to learn about the preparation and planning New Zealand agencies have undertaken since the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

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Hamish Wiig – Vice-President of Sales, Latin America

Based in Houston, Texas, Hamish has been with Tait for eight years and is responsible for strategic sales and marketing in Latin America. Hamish has recently been awarded the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Scholarship Award to study at the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Can you give us a brief history about Tait’s presence in Latin America?

Latin America is rich with diverse countries and cultures. It’s my job to make sure we understand these diversities and give our customers exactly what... Continue Reading