Mining is fast embracing automation and digital technologies across operations. These transformative applications all require business-critical network connectivity, and given the nature of mining operations, wireless broadband communications solutions are ideal. In this webinar, you can hear from the experts behind these solutions.

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Rainer Grob is an engineer and owner of Nova Funk Engineering AG, mobile comms specialists in Lucerne, Switzerland. He talks to Connection Magazine about the changes he has seen over his career, and Switzerland’s unique communications environment.

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What opportunities will 5G bring? How far away are Smart Cities? What role will IoT play in your industry? This new guide from Tait explores the technology innovations that are likely to bring disruption to your business sooner than later. Read some examples of what world leading organizations are doing to embrace the future.

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Geoff Waterhouse, Program Director for Health Infrastructure at NSW Ambulances, has a successful track record of delivering large-scale and complex programs.  He is currently overseeing the implementation of a massive telecommunications upgrade program within NSW Ambulance. He shares some insights into current and future trends in emergency medical communications. Continue Reading

Right now, it would be hard to imagine an industry where is there more at stake than in the oil and gas industry. Right now, these organizations are challenged with meeting increasing global demands in a volatile market, greater regulation, geopolitical influences and scarcity of expertise.

Even in the weeks while we were developing this white paper, oil prices took a dramatic dive, and at the time of publishing, were hovering around half of what they had been during the four years previous.

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