A few months ago we posted a series of Tait Tough videos. We had a great time launching the TP9400 with a catapult, hitting it with a bowling ball, running it over with a jeep, and more. We were consistently surprised by how durable the radios turned out to be, so we knew we needed to push the limits even more.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Our first new Tait Tough video is called the Water Cannon Test. We asked the good people at the Christchurch Airport Fire Service if we could run a few experiments with their equipment. They kindly agreed, and so we put the radio through several high pressure water tests. Continue Reading

“If asked to name one trend reshaping the way government agencies think about their employees and citizens, you’d be hard pressed to go past mobility.” – GTR Magazine

Tait Communications Solutions Marketing Manager, Bruce Mazza, and mobility partner Mobile Mentor’s CEO, Denis O’Shea, recently took part in Government Technology Review (GTR) Magazine’s roundtable discussion, “Mobility and you: So appy together”, where mobility-industry experts discussed the changing critical-communications environment.

The discussion included: Continue Reading

Q. How does DMR coverage compare with analog?
The coverage of a DMR network is comparable to the coverage of a narrowband analog network. In many instances, the actual coverage of the DMR network is perceived to be better as the voice quality stays the same throughout the whole service area.
Q. Can you combine voice and data on one channel?
DMR supports both voice and data services and on a trunked network, channels can be dynamically allocated to the service that is required. With DMR, priority levels will ensure that traffic with the highest priority will... Continue Reading

By Dean Mischewski, Production Engineering Manager, Tait Communications.

For many manufacturing businesses the Lean journey is often driven by the need to rapidly avert financial or business pressures which are coming to bear.

Taking a longer term and proactive approach, Tait Communications embarked on a Lean Manufacturing programme in late 2006 to ensure that the high-mix, medium volume manufacturing environment could continue to deliver competitively-priced communications solutions, systems and products to our global customer base.

For a Lean Manufacturing programme to be successful,... Continue Reading

The sun was shining down on the San Francisco bay with 15 knot winds, perfect conditions for the Louis Vuitton (LV) Cup Finals racing against Prada Luna Rossa.

As an official supplier of Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ), keen yachting fans from the Tait team gathered eagerly at the ETNZ base for an exciting day on the water, supporting the team from a spectator boat. Here’s a first-hand account of the exciting race that we witnessed. Continue Reading

By Marvin DuBois, Director of Product Marketing, Avtec, Inc.

Solving the challenges of digital radio.

Much has changed in the last three years for those choosing the right ingredients for their Command Centers. The environment now includes new mobile radio technology choices, growing regulatory requirements, the need to consolidate dispatching locations and wide-area disaster recovery solutions. All of this contributes to a growing need for system design flexibility supporting multiple radio types, input/output, telephony and specialized computer-aided dispatch... Continue Reading

The premise of APCO 2013’s ‘APPStorm’ event was simple — take the Tait Communications API, and then develop and integrate useful applications for Public Safety, creating something greater than the radio and infrastructure alone.

Four teams took part in the two-day collaboration event, including representatives from Tait partners Zetron, Avtec, Higher Ground, Exacom, and Droidworx.

In just two days, the teams managed to create truly compelling demo applications that showcased the flexibility of the Tait API and their innovations. Continue Reading

Heading along to Anaheim next week? We’ll be at booth #345.

We’re gearing up for what promises to be a fantastic conference and expo, and we have a jam-packed schedule of new innovations to show attendees:
Tait APPStorm
What do you get when you bring together a number of partners, Tait design engineers, a wealth of good ideas and APCO 2013?

You get Tait APPStorm — a two-day collaboration event between Tait Communications, partners and clients to explore solutions for emergency responders.

Together, APPStorm-ers will be developing... Continue Reading

Team New Zealand using Tait TP9400 P25 digital portable radios

We’re proud to be backing Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) this week as they launch their America’s Cup campaign in San Francisco for the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup.

The team is equipped with 22 beyond-tough Tait TP9400 P25 digital portable radios, providing the sailors and support crew with highly secure, crystal-clear communications on the water.

Jeremy Armstrong, ETNZ’s electrician, says:
“Comms on the water is paramount for safety and for the operation of the yacht. Each day, the amount of conversation that... Continue Reading

Tait TP9400 (left) and Tait TP9100 (right) P25 portable radios

We’ve highlighted the toughness of the TP9400 before, but today we have a new video that demonstrates the detailed thought and design work that went into creating the best P25 portable radio we’ve ever made.

Hear from five different radio experts as they share their thinking around the TP9400. Their passion for radio and meeting our customers’ needs shows, and you can see it for yourself in the video below: Continue Reading