by Lorraine Bonisch, Editor, Connection Magazine

We have just released the latest edition of Connection – Issue 4.

In four issues of Connection, we’ve now brought you 60 articles from our technical experts, thought leaders and people in the field. For example, have a look at Dave Slaten’s feature on Vehicle Area Networks, Richard Winter’s practical advice on ways to increase your network resilience and how to manage the human aspects of a technology rollout. Readership continues to increase as we reach out to everyone involved in mission-critical comms. Continue Reading

By Evan Forester, Marketing Campaigns Coordinator, Tait Communications.

Last week we introduced the new P25 Best Practice guides and website. Today we’ll dive a bit deeper to take a look at the first guide: First Steps to your P25 System.

I recently drove to a friend’s house and attempted a short cut. Unfortunately, I started by making the wrong turn. I ended up in a place I was unfamiliar with, but kept guessing the general direction of my destination. After a while, I literally found myself on the complete opposite side of town.

So much for finding a short cut.

If your first... Continue Reading

Click to visit the website and download the P25 guides

We are happy to announce the launch of our P25 Best Practice website complete with the first four P25 Best Practice guides:

  1. First steps to your P25 system
  2. Specifying your P25 system
  3. Procuring your P25 system
  4. Implementing your P25 system Continue Reading

A high-powered delegation from Chile has visited our headquarters in Christchurch on a fact-finding mission to learn how Tait’s innovative communications systems can help the country in the event of a natural disaster or emergency such as the devastating 2010 Chilean earthquake.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) hosted senior representatives from the Oficina Nacional de Emergencias del Ministerio del Interior (ONEMI), the Chilean Cabinet and the Los Lagos Emergency and Civil Protection who were in New Zealand to learn about the preparation and planning New Zealand agencies have undertaken since the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

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By Dr. Clive Horn, Technology Research Leader, Tait Communications

Dr. Clive HornPhoto: Mark Tantrum

On a recent visit to the Wireless Research Centre (WRC) at the University of Canterbury (UC), I had an opportunity to reflect on the value of our research partnerships and what they mean for our business, our clients and the wider industry.

Research and development is a corner stone of who we are at Tait. Our visionary founder Sir Angus Tait had the foresight to ensure we never lost sight of its importance. Today, Tait contributes 15% of its revenue to research and development. Continue Reading

By James Kyd, Chief Marketing Officer, Tait Communications

I recently spoke at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards (#htanz) conference about how we are using and discovering the value of social media as a mechanism to interact with our clients. We are focused on generating discussions and sharing ideas on social media while ensuring we respond promptly to product information requests and concerns.

Why do we do this? Because it’s on 24/7, it provides highly accessible channels for our global audience and we believe in providing easy access to Tait for new user... Continue Reading

Join us at Milipol, Paris (19-22 November 2013) and PMRexpo, Cologne (26-28 November 2013) as we showcase our premier digital solutions for Mission Critical Communications.

These events represent the grand finalè of a busy and successful year that saw us exhibiting at tradeshows all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It’s been an awesome experience showcasing some of our innovative new applications including Tait BioLink (a physiological monitoring solution that enhances first responder well-being), Tait GridLink (a system that provides... Continue Reading

We were thrilled to attend the International Chiefs of Police (IACP) National Conference held in Philadelphia from 19-21 October. The IACP conference is the premier event for senior police officers and features the latest developments in law enforcement technology.

We showcased our Unified Critical Communications solution and Biolink, a physiological monitoring solution that enhances first responder well-being. Our valued partners, Cisco and Avtec, were on hand to demonstrate the interoperability of our solutions connecting a Tait TB9100 conventional network through Cisco IPICS and Avtec Scout respectively. Continue Reading

Today is our 100th blog post and to celebrate we decided to do something crazier than normal with our Tait TP9400 P25 radio.

There is a tank, built in 1952, and later used in the Vietnam War that has survived the test of time and today resides a mere 15 minute drive from Tait HQ.

When we heard about this 52 ton tank, we realized it was our destiny to film the next Tait Tough video with this incredibly tough machine. We grabbed our TP9400 and camera equipment and hit the road. Continue Reading

It’s not every day you see flames leaping up outside your office window. Particularly when your office is on the second floor. You’d like to think you’d hear the fire alarm first.

Within moments we’d all run towards the fire and even through the windows we could feel the heat.

What we saw – to our relief – was that the fire was in control. It was fire extinguisher training!

Never ones to miss an opportunity, we also saw another chance to put one of our TP9400 P25 radios through a Tait Tough test. Continue Reading