Public Safety insights from volunteer rural Queensland firefighter, Rob Hockings.

Rob Hockings, volunteer rural firefighterand Tait Public Safety Specialist

“The other week I couldn’t get my radio to work until I realized I’d accidentally turned it off! It’s not uncommon, but it’s part of that intuitive behavior we display when we’re under duress. If our radios don’t match that intuitive behavior, then they won’t work because we’re not thinking about them, we’re thinking about the thing that is causing the duress. It’s about seeing the forest for the... Continue Reading

As you’re probably well aware, grants are part of the budget picture for nearly every nonprofit and municipal organization in the United States.

Without the support of grant funding, many necessary projects would never get off the ground.

This article provides key insights into the grants landscape that will help you find the funding you need for the technology you want. Continue Reading