By Sander Colenbrander, Senior R&D Technician, Tait Communications.

Six things you should know about radio accessories for your new network.

When you are upgrading your network to P25 Phase 2 or to DMR, the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) signals can cause significant interference on your audio accessories. Probably your existing accessories were designed for FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) radios, which did not encounter this issue, so will not operate properly on a new network. Network operators need to understand the issues and budget for accessory upgrades. Continue Reading

By Darek Wieczorek, Principal Consultant, Tait Communications.
Here’s something you may not know: for smaller Public Safety organizations, there may be very little practical gain between inexpensive P25 conventional systems and high-end trunked ones.
While trunking undoubtedly has its advantages for large networks with many subscribers, unless your system is very busy, rapidly expanding or supports a large number of users, there may be very little functional difference between a trunked and conventional system for smaller systems.

Smaller... Continue Reading