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Even before your new radio system project is approved, there are some key project positions you need to define, for your project.

Susan Ronning, Tait Senior Systems Engineer based in Washington State, advocates establishing clear and consistent project responsibilities, right from the outset.

Project organization consists of a project initiator, project sponsor (who may be the same person), stakeholders, and a project manager. Continue Reading

It doesn’t always take a lot of money to make a big difference in your fire departments communications efficiency. Here are some simple ways to maximize the investment you are already committed to, without breaking the bank.
1) Add some color
An easy way to improve the safety of firefighters is to use high visibility, colored radios that are available from leading P25 digital radio manufacturers.

Brightly colored radios are more visible in dark or smoky conditions. If a hi-visibility green radio is dropped, it can be much more quickly seen and... Continue Reading

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In an increasingly safety-conscious environment, operators must protect their workers from the risk of explosion, where there is a known risk of their equipment becoming an ignition source.

Strictly regulated and enforced, IS applies wherever volatile or flammable substances, such as fuel, gas, or flammable dusts are present. With their potential to generate heat or sparking, hand-held radios use a number of methods to meet safety standards.

An Intrinsically safe portable radio designed to the standard can provide all the... Continue Reading

Power generation systems are undoubtedly critical infrastructures. But they are more fragile than is commonly supposed, and there is plenty of evidence they are getting frailer. Recent blackouts are dress rehearsals for a future in which they will appear with greater frequency and greater severity, due to growing uncertainties in supply and growing certainties in demand.

Supply is generally taken for granted in western societies. Such is our dependence that our comfort, security, communication systems, transport, health, food supply, businesses and social equity systems... Continue Reading

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