With the FCC announcing narrowbanding 700MHz networks will no longer be mandated by 2017, now is a great time to refresh your knowledge of channel spacing.

The lesson Introduction to Channel Spacing explains the basics of channel spacing and gives an easy-to-understand explanation of wideband, narrowband and ultra narrow band. This free course also gives you insight into the engineering tradeoffs involved with the different bands.

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Frequencies, carrier waves and input signals all elements in how modulation works. Learn the different strategies for modulating a carrier wave by taking the Modulation and Radio Building Blocks: How does modulation work? offered by the Tait Radio Academy.

This lesson will answer questions such as what are the different types of modulation, why carrier waves need modulation at all and why input signals are not used directly. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to answer all these questions with confidence.

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If the term “Electromagnetic Spectrum” is not familiar to you, the lesson Introduction to Radio Communication Principles: What is a radio wave? has all the information you need to understand radio waves.

The lesson is free to view and walks through everything there is to know about radio waves such as how energy changes waves, their frequency, how their length affects the way in which they are heard and an explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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The question might sound a little basic, but knowing the answer is imperative to understanding radio communications. In order to be a communications professional, you need to build a strong foundation of principles.

The Basic Radio Awareness: What is Communication? lesson, starts at the beginning and explains what communication is, how it travels, and how it is decoded and understood.

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In the world of Radio Communications there are many terms, patterns and principles that are confusing and too often have painfully long winded answers to the simple questions you’re asking.

Whether you are just starting out in communications or need a refresher on how modulation and channel spacing works, the Tait Radio Academy is a place where all your questions can be answered.

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