The ability to improve emergency-services organizations’ ICT systems with little flexibility to experiment with new technologies poses a conundrum for operational experts Australia-wide.
“The ongoing requirement for reliable systems and increasing situational awareness makes progress in emergency-services organisations (ESOs) a careful affair combining forward-looking vision with on-the-ground reality… the expansion of high-bandwidth 4G mobile networks offering new options for real-time communications, ESOs are finding they have access to a rapidly expanding range of solutions.” – GTR Magazine
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Credit: CFA Strategic Communications

Following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire disaster in Victoria, Australia, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) sought to upgrade its state-wide critical communications system, prompted by recommendations from the Royal Commission.

With lives, communities and property at risk, choosing a new system was by no means an easy task. CFA chose a Tait P25 mission-critical communications solution to protect the safety of their people.

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By Jo Hardwick, Global Change Manager, Tait Communications.

“Isn’t Change Management a part of the Project Manager’s responsibilities?”

This question has been put to me a number of times over the past 12 months as the Global Change Manager at Tait. And it’s a great question – one that really allows us to explore what Change Management is all about and how it inter-relates with Project Management.

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“If asked to name one trend reshaping the way government agencies think about their employees and citizens, you’d be hard pressed to go past mobility.” – GTR Magazine

Tait Communications Solutions Marketing Manager, Bruce Mazza, and mobility partner Mobile Mentor’s CEO, Denis O’Shea, recently took part in Government Technology Review (GTR) Magazine’s roundtable discussion, “Mobility and you: So appy together”, where mobility-industry experts discussed the changing critical-communications environment.

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Last Friday, we paused to honor officers who lost their lives while performing their duty as a police officer, or through illness or other circumstances.

The Police Ode
As the sun surely sets, dawn will see it arise.
For service above self demands its own prize.
You have fought the good fight; life’s race has been run,
and peace, your reward, for eternity begun.

And we that are left shall never forget.
Rest in peace, friend and colleague, for sun has now set.
We will remember, we will remember.
Hasten the dawn.

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