Tait P25 provides instant and reliable communications that are trusted and used around the globe.  With exceptional audio, safety features, and plenty of migration options, Tait P25 is a secure, future-proof, public safety grade critical communications solution.

This article looks at some of the detail behind each of these areas:

  • Proven Experience – Customer Stories
  • Smarter, Safer working with GPS, GeoFencing, Lone Worker and Man Down
  • Exceptional Audio – Hear important calls in the moments that matter
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The world is a tough place, and our clients have demanding jobs. They need critical communications that can withstand the challenging conditions they face each day. That’s why Tait offers complete communications systems that are reliable, resilient, and downright tough, from start to finish. Read on for an introduction to how we create a comprehensive, durable critical communications solution, and hear from some of our customers about their own experiences.
The Toughest Radios in the Industry
For users in the field, it starts with our renowned Continue Reading

We consistently hear that having rugged radios is essential for mission critical users. In fact, a recent survey found that durability was the most valued feature for Tait customers:

Why are rugged radios so important to users? We believe there are several reasons: Continue Reading

Previously our radios have really been put through the paces in our Tait Tough tests! We have done everything under the sun to see if these radios can stand up against the most brutal and intense of trials.

The radios continue to survive and defeat our most clever ideas of destruction. We scratched our scalps, wondering if anything would overcome these mighty radios. One in our office piped up and mentioned a man, who is said, through local folklore, to possess the golf swing to top all golf swings: Enter David Lau.

We watched with fear as the radio was placed ready to be struck... Continue Reading

Here at Tait, we’ve put our radios through a lot. We’ve chucked them in the ocean, we’ve dropped them from great heights, we’ve set them on fire.

They’ve survived it all, but even we were holding our breath as we watched a steam roller edge closer and closer to our TP9300, lodged in the gravel at a nearby construction site. Continue Reading

Here comes the truck
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Not every radio would survive being run over by a truck… but ours did!

We shoved our TP9300 into the gravel road at a nearby construction site, and watched as six wheels of a truck and its dirt-hauling-trailer drove over our radio. That’s a lot of weight!

But as expected, our Tait Tough radio survived each wheel, and turned on without any hitches. Continue Reading

Tait Tough is back!
We took a Tait TP9300 over to a near-by construction site to push our radio to its limits once again. After talking with some of the workers there, we all thought it would be a cool experiment to get one of the diggers, get a load of heavy gravel and dump it on the Tait radio, which was lodged in the dirt.

Two massive gravel dumps later, we excavated the radio, covered in mud, and once again discovered just how tough Tait radios are. Continue Reading

By Evan Forester,
Tait Tough Tester

We’ve come a long way since we first tossed a portable into a trash can and threw it down a hill. Since starting, we have created 14 different Tait Tough videos. One explains the technical aspects of our design and testing, while the other 13 each feature the craziest tests we could imagine.

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We’re taking Tait Tough to new heights.
By Evan Forester, Tait Tough Tester.

Ever since we launched our portable radio from a catapult, I’ve dreamed of taking the Tait portable higher. Fortunately, we have some good friends who build drones at Aeronavics and they let us visit for some extreme drop testing.

We started by dropping the radio from 30 meters (98.5 feet) onto the ground. We weren’t too nervous, and of course the radio survived.

Next we tried 66 meters (217 feet). Watching from our monitor on the ground, it was clear that we were beginning to reach ridiculous... Continue Reading

No one hates a mess more than us at Tait.
By Evan Forester, Tait Tough Tester.

Leaving dirty dishes out is one thing, but getting ice cream and chocolate syrup all over our TP9400 Portables is another.

So after topping our radio with copious amounts of French Vanilla, we threw it in the dishwasher on HEAVY DUTY, left the cameras rolling, and came back 2 hours later to see if it survived the water, soap, and steam. Not only did the radio turn on straight away, but it also came out clean, sparkly, and smelling fresh. Continue Reading