Our technology partners add important value to a Tait solution. Tait has a formal technology partner program with a number of endorsed and registered partners, and a framework to enable new partners to join and integrate with Tait. You can learn more about our technology partner program.

In this blog series, we’ll focus on some of our key technology partners and take a look and how these solutions come to life and deliver value for our clients.

Logic Wireless in the Partner Spotlight

In the Asia-Pacific region, a big part of the Tait DMR success story... Continue Reading

One of Tait’s largest and longest-standing partners in New Zealand is Auckland-based Skycom, which began nearly 20 years ago after being purchased directly from Sir Angus Tait.

Over the last decade, Skycom has offered repeater network coverage to customers off a single-site system on the iconic Auckland Sky Tower, but last year the company expanded its service with a new Tait DMR Tier 3 network covering the entire Auckland region.

One of the key design features of the new network is that it is managed by a central control component called a Node Controller,... Continue Reading

Glentel Inc. is one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies and in 2013, celebrated its 50th year. Their success has not been without significant challenges.

Clients differ tremendously, as do their needs and the nature of their concerns. Glentel has overcome this challenge by developing and maintaining a great relationship with clients.

A successful partnership requires three key elements: comprehension, collaboration, and communication. These are not ground-breaking concepts. In fact, they are simple and applicable to any business. But it is how you perform... Continue Reading

Tait Communications has a growing network of Tait Solution Providers, or TSPs. These organizations exist to serve their local areas by providing complete turnkey solutions for mission-critical organizations.

One example is Stolz Telecom. They started in 2009 in the state of Oklahoma and have grown to 13 employees in both Oklahoma and Texas.

Founder and Vice President, Robert Stolz, describes what they can do with an example. “One of the centers we just completed, Caddo County 911, started with nothing. It was a brand new 911 center. We did the networking, network... Continue Reading

What do you do when radio communications are critical to help you attempt to break the world land speed record from a car traveling at a speed of 1000mph in the middle of the Kalahari desert? When loss of communications could mean the difference between life and death.

You call in the experts. And that’s exactly what the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car team did. To ensure that Andy Green, driver of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car could be in constant touch with the control center, they enlisted Tait’s partner in South Africa, Emcom, to design, install and... Continue Reading

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have joined forces with enterprise mobility expert Mobile Mentor to help clients realize the full potential of their mobile communications solutions.

We have formed a strategic partnership combining Tait’s world-leading expertise in supporting critical communications of agencies such as fire, police and ambulance with enterprise mobility specialist Mobile Mentor’s experience in mobile strategy, mobile innovation and support services. Continue Reading