Tait Staff Spotlight: Justin Howard

Tait Staff Spotlight

At Tait, we take great pride in serving the organizations that are so integral to our way of life: they keep communities safe, our lights on, transport flowing, and provide the raw materials for modern life. To provide them with the great support Tait is renowned for, we have a dedicated team of individuals all over the world that work hard to deliver results. In this blog we hear from Justin Howard, newly appointed Technical Trainer at Tait.

We’re very excited to welcome the latest addition to our North American team, Justin Howard. Justin paired his love of Astros baseball with his experience as a little league coach to knock our socks off as he taught our selection committee a little something about pitching during his interview.

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Meet Justin Howard, Technical Trainer at Tait Americas

Justin HowardJustin Howard comes to Tait as a technical trainer with an incredible background. In the Marines he received basic radio and radio maintenance training including on Motorola and Harris two-way radios. Over the course of his five years in the Marines, he managed a fleet of over 100 radios, took care of troubleshooting and training, and was also a level 3 radio repairman assigned to a tank battalion.

“I love that Tait products have the Tait Tough reputation as well as the best people in the industry to ensure we are leading the way in innovation and providing unmatched service to our customers’ networks.”

After a tour in Afghanistan, he returned as a contractor to establish a radio communications repair shop and classroom, and continued to train Afghan National Army Special Forces on two-way radios in a “Train the Trainer” program. Later, as a Field Technician and Construction Manager for Crown Castle, he led crews in maintaining and building radio and cell towers. In this role, Justin was responsible for 400 towers and 170 active applications.

When he isn’t immersed in radios and training, Justin loves the outdoors. He enjoys baseball both as a fan of the Astros and a little league coach. He lives in Pearland, Texas with his wife and three children. To learn a little bit more about Justin and his passions, we decided to ask him a few questions:

What challenges have you experienced as a technical trainer?

The most difficult challenge you face as a technical trainer is tailoring your content to the audience. You really need to know your audience and their expectations of the training. Are they looking to take a deep dive into technical specifications and system troubleshooting, or really just an overview of our amazing products and what capabilities help us to stand out from our competitors and makes us the best choice for their needs?

Being able to accommodate these training requests and everything in between can be challenging at times, but also provides an opportunity to interact with the customer at a unique level and help forward Tait Communications and its core values.

Are there any foods you developed a taste for in your travels?

Having spent close to 14 months altogether in Afghanistan I really developed a love of sitting down with my students and drinking Chai tea together as well as sharing Nân-i Afğânī, or Afghan bread.

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Howard you doin’? Justin Howard: Husband, Father, Master of all things Grillable

You have a lot of experience with radios – can you tell us about that?

I first got into radios when I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2008 and attended the Communications-Electronics school in California. It was a one year program that trained Marines on all aspects of communications repair, from basic electrical theory to board level repair on all radio systems utilized by the military.

Upon graduation I was assigned to a tank battalion in North Carolina and served in that unit for the next four years operating and maintaining the radio systems for a battalion of tanks and support vehicles.

After the military I was blessed with the opportunity to continue to support the military and work as a technical trainer in Afghanistan. Working with the Department of Defense, I was able to train Afghan special forces commandos in how to properly operate and maintain their communication systems.

What kinds of things are important in working with a vendor like Tait?

In many instances our products are used in life or death situations. When that first responder goes to make a call on our radio it has to work every time and deliver in the way we designed. That’s why I love that Tait products have the Tait Tough reputation as well as the best people in the industry to ensure we are leading the way in innovation and providing unmatched service to our customers’ networks.

With experience in radio infrastructure ranging from management to training and troubleshooting, we are glad to have Justin on board. Justin reports to Alan Gutsell, Vice President of Services Delivery, and is based in Houston, Texas.

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If there’s anything Justin or the team at any of our regional offices can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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