Extend your Vehicle Radio over WiFi and Smartphone (video demo)

If your team works from a vehicle fleet, they likely have all the communication tools they need – when they’re in their vehicles. But what about when they need to roam and work around the vehicle? Does exiting their vehicle represent a loss of comms, productivity or safety? Tait Unified Vehicle has a companion Remote App that can extend your vehicle radio function to your Smartphone, via WiFi connection. Tait Design Engineer Max Choi demonstrates some of the possibilities in this great video.


By turning the vehicle into a WiFi hotspot, Tait Unified Vehicle allows cellular phones to connect into the vehicle’s network, giving users all the functionality of a WiFi network up to 328 feet (100 meters) away from the vehicle. In this video, Max demonstrates how this allows you to make a call from your cell phone to a portable radio on an LMR network. He also shows how our solution provides data and recording capability that could prove useful in an audit or any situation where you need to recall information.

To find out more about Tait Unified Vehicle and the wide range of capabilities it can provide your organization,visit our Tait Unified Vehicle page.

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