Unifying Critical Communications for Law Enforcement

Monitoring and supporting public safety operations long-term

First responders regularly risk their lives to keep us and our communities safe. But within their daily high-risk environments, how do they maintain safety for themselves? Access to mission critical information is crucial, and can often be the difference between life and death. Delivering this clear, concise information demands the highest levels of reliability and security. The smart, mobile communications hub created by Tait UnifyVehicle answers this call.

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how UnifyVehicle allows you to make cell phone calls over your radio network and vice versa.

By combining industry-proven radio technology with the latest connectivity options and application processing – all into a single device – UnifyVehicle creates a network of networks that ensures urgent calls always get through. It also provides a platform for both now and the future, where agencies can create custom applications through the Tait AppBuilder to address and solve their specific and unique needs.

UnifyVehicle acts as a mobile connectivity hub, providing first responders with enhanced safety and connectivity in remote locations. Officers can be more effective in the field with access to critical information without returning to the station. Dispatch can also monitor their vehicle status for real-time awareness of things such as increased speeds during pursuits, or geo-fencing alerts when they enter particular locations. See more examples of how UnifyVehicle can support a police officer during a working day here.

For more information on UnifyVehicle’s capabilities and how they can help law enforcement agencies, download the brochure or contact us.

For more information on how Tait Unified Critical Communications solutions can support and keep first response teams safe in dangerous environments, download the full Unified Critical Communications for Law Enforcement brochure here.

You can also learn more about the other Tait solutions for Law Enforcement and Police here.

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