Tait at Mobile World Congress 2018: Radio, 5G, and the Future of Convergence

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s leading mobile industry event, with this year’s event attracting over 107,000 visitors to Barcelona and uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the mobile ecosystem. Attendees include everyone from handset and device makers through to software companies, equipment providers, and internet companies.

The event organizers use a Tait digital mobile radio (DMR) network to keep their widespread workforce connected and ensure the event runs smoothly and safely. Tait solutions and equipment provide the reliability and quality demanded of such critical voice and data requirements.

Tait Communications Chief Technical Officer, Ross Spearman and John Gorrell, Tait VP Corporate Strategy, reflected on Tait’s role in providing the communications for the world’s pre-eminent mobile expo, and discussed where they see communications going in the future.

What’s really interesting to see is that the security staff here are all carrying Tait radios. That’s because the environment here is extremely challenging for a mobile network. What we’re seeing from our customers in the critical communications industry is their concern about will their message actually get through on a public LTE network. And that’s why they still reserve their own spectrum and their own radio networks to ensure that their message will get through.” -Ross Spearman, Tait Communications CTO

The key themes of 5G and IoT – reflecting two ends of the bandwidth and cost spectrum – took center stage at the show. In the below video, Ross and John address the implications of the increasing demand for data across the network for the whole critical communications industry, and the part Tait is playing in delivering this in the 5G world.

What you see on every booth is 5G and IoT, which are two ends of the spectrum. Both of those have applicability for Tait…. So if you think of a platform like UnifyVehicle at the edge of the network – it can collect data, send that back up into the network where it can be processed by a pool of compute resources; you can render images and push them back down to the edge of the network for display. That allows you to really harness the power of the cloud while still providing insight to people out in the field.” – Ross Spearman

Key themes include the convergence of voice and data, the harnessing of the cloud and the availability of high bandwidth in the core and low cost, low latency bandwidth to the edge, and how all of this is making a “network that just works” a reality for the end user.

The future of comms, as I see it in this industry, is through the convergence of voice and data over multiple bearers. And the real secret sauce for us is to make that happen in a seamless way to the end user, so that they don’t care what network they’re on, it just works.” – Ross Spearman

MWC is organized by the GSMA, and brings together representatives from the leading mobile companies, governments and regulatory bodies to explore the key policy issues impacting the mobile industry over a four-day conference program including industry exhibitions and Ministerial Programme. You can read highlights from 2018’s MWCE here.

UnifyVehicle - Unified CommunicationsLearn more about how Tait Unify solutions – like UnifyVehicle – are converging voice and data over multiple bearers to create a seamless user experience. You can also watch a demo of some of UnifyVehicle’s capabilities in action, or contact us to find out more.

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