Unifying Critical Communications for the Fireground

Supporting critical fireground operations long-term

In high risk environments, access to mission critical information can be the difference between life and death. Having the right voice & data capability in place to deliver critical communications enables teams to respond faster and more effectively.

Tait offers the most flexible, open standards platforms that are designed to evolve, ensuring future-proof solutions that expand as your needs change. One of our Unified Critical Communications solutions is UnifyVehicle, which combines industry proven radio technology, the latest connectivity options, and application processing into a single device. The result provides an optimized platform that keeps emergency service agencies connected and offers a smart, mobile communications hub to monitor and support fireground teams with vital communications and information.

Recording voice calls from the fireground is a valuable feature unique to UnifyVehicle. While voice calls over a public safety network are centrally recorded, off-network simplex calls in the fireground are missed. With Tait UnifyVehicle, your mobile radio can now record all the calls it receives from the network and from the fireground, so you’ve captured the whole situation to use for training or forensic review. The timestamped audio recordings can be downloaded via WiFi.

For more information on UnifyVehicle’s fireground capabilities, download our brochure or contact us.

Watch the below video for a short demonstration on how UnifyVehicle records and logs voice calls.

For more information on how Tait Unified Critical Communications solutions can support and keep fireground teams safe in dangerous environments, download the full Unified Critical Communications for the Fireground brochure here.

You can also learn more about the other Tait solutions for Fire and Emergency response here.

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