The latest simulcast innovations from Tait: DMR, P25 and Analog

Need to cover a wide area but short on frequencies? Does your team need an all-informed, easy-to-use-anywhere network? Ready to go digital and achieve more with your network? Simulcast provides greater coverage with fewer frequencies, can fill coverage dead-spots in challenging terrain, and delivers a cost effective and easy-to-use all-informed solution.

This post features the latest simulcast innovation from Tait for DMR conventional and trunked networks, and shows how it fits into the wide range of analog and digital simulcast solutions available from Tait.

If you haven’t heard much about simulcast and would like to learn more, we’ve made a lot of resources available – here’s an earlier post on when to use simulcast, you can view courses on Radio Academy, read our Whitepapers, or hear what our customers have to say.

Before you had to look for places where you could talk on a portable. Now I’m trying to look for places where I can’t, and I haven’t found any yet.” – Madison County Fire

The transition from analog to digital has significantly improved our officer safety with better communications coverage and better audio quality across from the new digital system.” – MACC 9-1-1 in Grant County

Tait has been innovating and delivering analog and digital simulcast networks for decades, and has a huge range of expertise and flexibility to ensure the best fit for your present needs with future flexibility.

Tait simulcast solutions can be stand-alone, or integrated into a larger non-simulcast Tait DMR network – for example, for tunnel coverage. As Tait simulcast networks use the same hardware as Tait non-simulcast networks, they can be partially or fully upgraded to simulcast later should this be required, and provides easy maintenance and spares management.

Simulcast also provides the additional benefits of simplifying the user experience by reducing channel change activities in conventional systems and reduces the number of re-registrations on a trunking network.

So why DMR simulcast?

Let’s take a closer look at the latest generation of Tait simulcast solutions for DMR Tier II and Tier III – our most spectrally efficient solutions.

Tait DMR is a smart investment, made to evolve – the most flexible digital radio platform available. When you choose Tait solutions, you can also leverage industry leading fleet management tools and connect your system to the world beyond radio with UnifyVehicle and UnifyVoice.

Explore our range of simulcast solutions

Analog (AS-IP)

P25 DigitalDMR Digital




Yes – Tier 2


NoYes – Phase 1 and Phase 2Yes – Tier 3
Can migrate to a P25 conventional system or P25 trunked (Phase 1 or Phase 2)C4FM and LSMCan migrate from Tier 2 conventional through to Tier 3 trunked

IP based



Spectral efficiency

12.5kHz12.5kHz (Phase 1 conventional and trunked)

e6.25kHz (Phase 2 trunking)


Compatible terminalsYes – 9400 seriesYes – 9400 series

Yes – 9300 series

PTToC connectivity

Yes – UnifyVoice

Mobile Applications Platform

Yes – UnifyVehicle

Fleet Management

Yes – EnableFleet

System Monitoring and Reporting

Yes – Enable tools and Managed Services

Not sure what technology is right for you? Take a look our our comparison whitepaper, or contact us for advice.

Download our IP-Based DMR Simulcast Systems for Critical Communications over Wide Areas brochure to find out more about Tait DMR Simulcast, how DMR simulcast works, why to use it for wide-area coverage and more.

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