Tait Blog: 2017 Highlights

2017 has been another busy year at Tait, and as always we’ve aspired to bring you informative, interesting and valuable content. With a wide range of topics through the year, we’ve seen our subject matter broaden from traditional radio to multi-bearer communications solutions! Take a look below at our Top 5 most popular blogs published in 2017.

1. Tait Foundation – Brooke Collis of St John

The Tait Foundation supports efforts to help ambulance officers gain higher qualifications and skills.  Hear Brooke’s story, and find out what she dreams of achieving with her study in Health Science. Read more.

2. FUSION Voice – Underground, in-vehicle Wi-Fi push-to-talk

Find out about FUSION Voice – a world-first for underground mining and tunneling communications – which enables access to reliable, dedicated voice communication over WiFi networks from inside a vehicle. Read more.

3. WiFi, Wherever You Go: UnifyVehicle Demo

Watch a short demonstration of UnifyVehicle in action, and see some of the capabilities enabled by turning your vehicle into a WiFi hotspot. Read more.

4. Connection 8: Doing things differently – How one engineer learned to love change management

In this opinion piece from Connection magazine, Tait System Designer Barry Crates tells us how Change Management is changing the game for technology design engineers. Read more.

5. Tait first to offer digital band III in U.K.

A market-leader in DMR, Tait now offers the first digital Band III solution on the market, giving users more options and helping them avoid congested spectrum. Read more.

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