Unifying Critical Communications for Utilities


Utility companies are constantly challenged to provide cost effective, safe and reliable distribution of power, gas, and water services. Tait has significant experience delivering small, medium, and large-scale projects and understanding the needs of both systems solutions providers and utility operators, and we work closely with utility stakeholders to identify and meet requirements. As a result, we’ve developed DMR solutions that help to maintain network reliability, ensure safe and reliable field staff communications, and provide you with the tools to look after your network investment. Read on to find out how.

Maintaining network reliability

87% of surveyed utilities agree: Communication downtime is severely damaging to operations, and customer service is of critical importance

– 2017 Tait Customer Research Survey, TechValidate

Ensuring that management and telemetry devices throughout the network are providing visibility and management to deliver required performance metrics at all times from all sites and areas of the network can be a major challenge. Feeding the right information back to control maintains visibility of the network, speeds up decision making to forestall any problems, reduces the need for field force roll out and improves network reliability.

Tait GridLink provides a telemetry and distribution automation layer that can cover long distances affordably and at the same time provide mission-critical reliability. By utilizing and integrating the multiple network systems available, including LTE, fiber and LMR, GridLink can offer the highest possible level of reliability and coverage across urban, rural and geographically remote networks. It provides utility managers with a layer of network intelligence that delivers both visibility and control over the grid, ensuring operational cost reductions, optimized energy usage, and improved reliability and resilience.

Ensuring safe and reliable field staff communications

Since fiber is too costly to reach everywhere and cellular cannot guarantee priority or service, particularly after emergency or adverse weather events – these systems can be complemented with radio services to reach more of your critical infrastructure. A unified critical communications solution combines coverage, resilience, reliability and usability whilst leveraging existing infrastructure to deliver sustainable, incremental cost effectiveness.

Tait DMR is a digital radio communications platform that delivers commercial and safety benefits for mission critical users. With the capability to carry both voice and data, Tait DMR gives a powerful combination of flexibility, control, resiliency and safety features. If, for instance, a line worker is in danger and unable to manually call for help, automated safety features like Man Down and Lone Worker will immediately send an alarm to dispatch. Working with GPS and location services, these features can help resolve emergencies quickly. Tait DMR uses both authentication and encryption to ensure that no unauthorized parties can access your network.

Tait UnifyVehicle combines industry proven radio technology, the latest connectivity options, and application processing into a single device allowing you to leverage investment in an existing radio network, while providing a platform for the future. In creating a network of networks, UnifyVehicle in addition to radio, can utilize GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, and Satellite, expanding the effective coverage outside the range of traditional communications networks and becoming the mission critical communications device to provide the connectivity options that ensure vital voice and data calls between vehicle, staff on the ground, and SCADA control centers always get through.

In the field, UnifyVehicle extends workforce automation capability, ensuring that staff are in voice and data contact at all times wherever they are to receive critical fault location and repair detail, to send back real-time reports and ensure assets can be organized, repair protocols initiated and repair crews dispatched in the most timely and cost effective manner. The UnifyVehicle platform runs on a flexible operating system with an easy to use interface, and also allows for the creation of custom applications.

With Tait UnifyVoice, communications capability can also be extended beyond the radio system, connecting to staff on the ground with smart devices. UnifyVoice provides a bridging solution, joining radio, WiFi and cellular with Push-to-Talk (PTT) connecting both radio and smart-phone users into a secure and unified critical communication system. It provides a choice of end-user devices that are familiar and are aligned to the user’s job function. By enabling location data of people and vehicles, as well as having integrated text and picture capability, it offers a location service in the hand, providing real-time integrated, secure, and auditable access to those on the ground to provide essential insight for clearer and more rapid situational analysis.

Protecting network investment

With major investments in infrastructure, grid, and assets expected to last 15-20 years, voice, data, and radio communications networks in many utilities are now having to support a range of both new and legacy applications, a mix of protocols, various methods of network connection, legacy apps, web based, IP etc. that they were never designed to support – and with all the associated costs.

Tait Enable is a suite of software and hardware that places the control of your radio assets firmly in your hands. It provides a set of industry leading tools to manage, monitor, protect and optimize your radio communications network and your fleet of devices:

  • EnableMonitor: Real-time monitoring gives assurance that your network is operating as expected and allows you to minimize impact if problems occur.
  • EnableFleet: A powerful configuration management system that provides total visibility and management of your radio fleet from a central point of control, including Over-The-Air-Programming.
  • EnableProtect: Securely control the programming across your radio fleet, so you can have confidence that no unauthorized parties can interfere with it.


Download the full brochure, Unified Critical Communications for Utilities, and find out more about Tait solutions for Utilities organizations.

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