APCO 2017 Recap

Last week Tait attended one of the biggest tradeshows in our industry: APCO 2017. The event was held in Denver, Colorado and had thousands of attendees.

Although we’ve traditionally had our own booth, this year we joined our North American distribution partners, Harris Corporation, on the tradeshow floor. The booth was busy with people interested in both the traditional Harris portfolio and the new Tait powered solutions they offer. Bringing both the Tait and Harris portfolios together has given people more choices and connectivity than ever before.

Tait UnifyVehicle

Like our other recent tradeshows, UnifyVehicle was extremely popular. We were able to demonstrate several key features and discussed dozens of use cases with attendees. On display were the Tait app builder, the voice recorder, and the Tait Remote application for smartphones. Our favorite part of this is how many people have ideas for applications for their own organizations – it’s inspiring and exciting!

Below, you can watch a demo video we recorded live and see an image of the demo itself.

Discussing possibilities around Tait UnifyVehicle


Tait EnableFleet

Another exciting application for radio managers is Tait EnableFleet. This software application places control of your radio network in the palm of your hands and provides a single point of truth. With EnableFleet, you’ll never question which radios have received firmware updates or updated programming, you’ll always have an accurate record. Not only that, but you can apply those updates to your radio through OTAP, either through the LMR network or WiFi on enabled radios.

The programming via OTAP process is so simple that even our Marketing guy (Evan) figured out how to program a radio on his own at the event. EnableFleet further simplifies the process by only sending the data required to update a file, rather than an entirely new file.

P25 Conventional Network with a Zetron Console

Not everyone needs P25 Trunked radio, which is why Tait provides one of the industry’s best P25 Conventional solutions. At the booth, we demonstrated our interconnectivity with our partner Zetron. P25 Conventional with LSM provides incredible coverage. To learn why, check out our new white paper that explains how to achieve P25 coverage similar to analog Simulcast.

P25 Conventional Radios with Zetron console

Tough P25 Radios

Also on display were our tough and reliable P25 radios. Our TP9400 and TM9400 shared booth space with other Harris single-band P25 radios. As you already know if you’ve visited our Tait Tough website, our radios might be light-weight and compact in size, but they’re seriously durable. IP68 water and dust protection, plus a large collection of military standards make this a reliable, mission critical device.

One of the most popular features on the tradeshow floor was the unique water shedding grill. Many radios on the market allow water to get stuck in the microphone, forcing users to shake it to maintain clear audio. But not the TP9400 – it was designed to shed water out and away of the speaker microphone, ensuring clear audio in the wettest conditions.

Tough P25 Radios


That’s the end of our wrap-up. Thanks to everyone who attended the conference and visited us this year, we loved seeing you! Thanks also to our partners at the Harris Corporation for being such great hosts.

If you would like more information about any of our products or would like to discuss a solution for your organization, contact us here.

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