EnableInsight: Get to know your network

We’re happy to offer an early look at the newest member of the Tait Enable suite of network management tools, EnableInsight.

Visualize the performance of your network in real time and utilize data for optimal outcomes.

Key Features

  • Real time automated data processing & visualization
  • Integration of multiple data sources
  • Monitoring systemic performance & business impact
  • Assessment of future non-compliance
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Automated alarms and alerts

Tait EnableInsight monitors your radio network in real time, delivering immediate visibility and a range of reporting options. Stay aware of issues on your network at all times, so you can remedy them without delay.

Reduced Detection-to-Resolution time

Traditional methods of performance management involve many manual and time consuming steps which result in significant time investment, therefore often defeating the original intention, to provide real-time information for decision support. Automated data processing and instant assessment & notification facilitate a reduced timeframe from problem detection to resolution. You can rest easy, because you’ll be the first to know.

Enhanced Control & Management

Manage your solution’s performance and compliance to SLA’s. In addition to simply discovering failed or compromised components, EnableInsight allows you to pinpoint the Business Impact of processes that have failed or are in likely breach of compliance to mandated SLA’s. Enhanced control & management results in improved availability & and performance of the solution.

Proactive Response & Confidence in SLA achievement

In addition to monitoring current activity, EnableInsight utilizes ‘trending’ to analyse (pre-empt) the cumulative impact of degraded system or business performance across your mandated reporting period. Improved visibility allows you to rectify problems before they become business critical issues, an effective insurance policy against compromised performance in time-limited, SLA-based environments. Greater confidence in the performance of the solution results in greater satisfaction of end-users and customers.

Improved Capacity planning

Better knowledge of the capabilities and subtleties of the solution allows IT staff to be more pro-active with performance management and tuning. Simplifying and automating the monitoring and diagnosis process allows IT staff to be more productive whilst spending less time in damage-control mode.

Reduced Training needs

Most traditional monitoring solutions rely on expert users to operate and analyse data. EnableInsight is an intuitive solution designed to provide reduced reliance on skilled, multi-disciplined operators.


  • Real-time view
  • Monitoring and analysis of your network performance and utilization
  • Combination of multiple data streams
  • Modern look and powerful visualizations
  • Alert and notification capability
  • Valuable pre-set dashboard views
  • Optional customization
  • Reporting and analysis of historical data
  • Flexible server and cloud based hosting options
  • Role based management
  • Audit log
  • Redundancy and automatic back up options
  • Support for peace of mind
  • Secure access anywhere anytime

You can download our EnableInsight flyer here, and learn about the rest of the Tait Enable suite here.

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