Unify Part 3 600x600In the past couple of weeks, we showed you a demonstration of our new PTT app and a prototype of our Seamless Roaming integration. These are just the beginning for UnifyVoice, however, and there numerous exciting features on the way.

The primary goal with many of these developments is to keep users’ eyes up. When an emergency is happening, you cannot afford a few seconds to look down at your phone.

  1. Quick Unlock of Smartphones: Mission-Critical users often tell us that they have trouble unlocking their phone with a lengthy pass code. This requires more time with their eyes down on a device... Continue Reading

Seamless Roaming - Tait Unify VoiceToday we get to share one of the most exciting prototypes we have developed at Tait. We’ve spent a lot of time with some of our customers, working to develop something that exceeds their expectations.

Many of our users carry both a smartphone and a portable radio, and we have brought them together in a unique and exciting way through UnifyVoice Seamless Roaming. Tait innovation has brought communications together to form a network of networks, giving users the best possible coverage.

Smartphones are great for their broadband data capabilities, but because they... Continue Reading

Smartphone App thumbnail 600x600The new UnifyVoice smartphone app from Tait Communications connects users who do not have radios to the Mission Critical network.

For instance, many back-office administrative users or off-duty officers aren’t always on the front line, and therefore they don’t have radios all the time. This means they can’t always hear what’s happening on the street, or communicate with dispatch and groups of users when necessary.

Tait now offers a solution in the form of a smartphone application that offers instant group and individual communication, connecting... Continue Reading

UCC Webinar on-demand. Watch nowCritical communications is no longer voice-only. Often, it includes integrated systems and rich data applications. Choosing the right network and tools for your critical operations has become even more complex.

Watch the On-demand Webinar, Introducing Unified Critical Communications with Bruce Mazza, VP Solutions Marketing at Tait Communications. Continue Reading

At Comms Connect in Sydney this year, two of our partners — Logic Wireless and Nexion Data Systems — are teaming up to showcase their latest innovations that add value to Tait solutions.

Comms Connect Sydney 2014 Booth Artwork Tait Communications

Comms Connect Sydney 2014 Event Details.

Date: 18-19 June 2014
Location: Australian Technology Park,   Sydney  |  Australia
Booth numbers: 6 & 13
For the latest updates remember to follow us on Twitter @TaitRadio.
Be in to win a $300 travel voucher! Stop by booth #6/13 to find out how! 

Nexion and Logic Wireless will be joining with Tait in a combined booth to present a... Continue Reading