Continuing with our series of videos exploring the top benefits of the Tait DMR family of products, today we take a look at Tait GridLink.

Top 5 Benefits of Distribution Automation and GridLink

The Tait GridLink Solution enables SCADA transmission and Distribution Automation over your DMR Tier 3 network. In this video, we’ll discuss three benefits of Distribution Automation, as well as two unique benefits that Tait GridLink brings to the table.

1. Save Costs through Efficiency Gains

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We’re happy to announce the addition of a new course to the Tait Radio Academy. In this series of lessons we take a look at Best Practice for Radio Users. Even the most advanced communication technology is rendered useless by not knowing how to use it properly. This course focuses on end-user training for connecting and communicating clearly, safely, and efficiently on your radio. It’s a great course for users in all industries.

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Clear, reliable voice communications are crucial for those in industries that rely on mission-critical communications. During times of normal operation, voice-only radio networks, such as analog, are often all that some organizations need. But in efforts to improve worker safety, it’s worth taking a look at how systems that provide both voice and data on one mission-critical network, such as Tait DMR Tier 3, can make a significant difference in emergency situations.

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To provide a simple introduction to the Tait DMR family of products, we’ve produced a series of five videos each exploring the top benefits of various aspects of the solution. Today, we take a look at the Top 5 Benefits of the Tait TP9300 portable radio:

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A record 13,569 attendees from 77 different countries flocked to San Diego, California last week for DistrubuTECH 2017. From January 31st-February 2nd, the annual electric power transmission and distribution conference and exhibition brought together industry professionals from electric, water, and other municipal utilities to share exciting information about what’s going on in the field today. Tait Communications, along with North American partner Harris Corporation, shared a booth to showcase our innovative solutions for utilities organizations. Read on to take a peek inside our stand.

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Our Communications Manager Bryn Sommerville had the opportunity to sit down with Craig Clapper, Tait’s Global President of Solutions and Business Development. Mr Clapper is excited by the new solutions Tait is developing for our clients.

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Otago University played host to the 2016 International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ITNAC), where leaders in academia and industry discussed the future of communications technology. As a proud patron of the event, Tait sent a handful of representatives to learn from and contribute to the discussion. Our Head of Research and Technology, Dr Clive Horn, delivered a well received presentation on the Future Evolution of Critical Communications.

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A solution designed and supplied by Tait Communications is helping one of Australia’s major utilities companies keep its workforce connected and safe. Power and Water, a state government-owned business which supplies Australia’s Northern Territory with high-voltage electricity, water, and sewage networks, has selected Tait to upgrade its mobile workforce communications system.

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We take great pride in sharing useful and interesting content with you through our blog, and we appreciate your readership. We keep a close eye on which posts generate interest, and by reaching out to you for feedback we can better deliver what you want to see. As we begin the exciting new year of 2017, we’d like to hear what you have to say.

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Our series of Tait Radio Academy lessons on P25 continues, this time looking at the difference between P25 Phase 1 and Phase2. This course is taught by Andrew McTaggart, a Customer Support Engineering Specialist at Tait Communications. Prior to that, he was a product trainer on P25 digital radio communications equipment.

A question commonly asked is, “What is the difference between P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2?”

One of the original goals of P25 was spectrum efficiency. The radio spectrum is a limited resource. There are only so many radio channels that can be licensed in a given area.

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